“I have been seeing Anne for a bit now and she has already changed my life so much. I was really wanting an additional therapist/coach to help me through a transitional phase in my life where I was truly wanting to grow myself mentally and spiritually. To say that Anne has supported this, would be an understatement. Her work, her energy and her spirit have propelled me through so many places I was stagnant in. All while being so in tune with her healing gifts – the way she works and connects is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I don’t anticipate anytime soon without Anne as my earth angel guide. She is an absolute gem and has clearly found her calling and has such wonderful gifts to bring to this planet. I can’t say enough about her, truly. Forever grateful for this woman. ”

Taylor Short, Parker, CO

“One cannot help but feel the love and compassion Anne has for her clients and the work she does. She partners her intuition with her logic in a dance that flows no matter the tempo of the session. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter which helps you see your own heart more clearly.
Anne gently guided me to uncover my passion. Her insights inspired me to set goals for myself and her encouragement propelled me towards fulfilling them. She is a gifted and skilled coach and I highly recommend her!”

Sandy Thompson, Life Coach, M.A. Psychology, Portland, Oregon

“Working with Anne has been life changing!”

“The work we did together has changed the way I feel about myself. Through Anne’s one on one guidance and her workshops, I have learned I am a valuable person who has much to offer to others and this world. Her support and guidance have also greatly contributed to the success of my business.”

Lisa Taton, Medical Esthetician, Parker, CO

“I have worked with Anne over the course of the last year and have found her to be one of the most caring coaches that I have ever worked with. She truly holds space for her clients to grow and learn, especially when they are unsure about how to move forward. Anne uses a variety of approaches in her practice to help clients find peace with the situations they are struggling with. Anne has personally helped me transform my belief systems using various tools, including hypnotherapy, which was done in an emotionally safe, peaceful setting. Anne has encouraged and inspired me to take action toward bold goals and helped me remove some key self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I highly recommend Anne as a transformational coach!”

Vanessa Newport, Parker, CO

“I’ve been working with Anne for about three months in coaching/therapy, and some group work. I am grateful to have found her and believe she is gifted as a healer, as well as being highly intuitive. Before selecting a coach/therapist, I reviewed all the relevant websites I could find in my area, and met with a few different people. One of my first impressions when I met Anne was that I wasn’t just her “next appointment” – but rather, I was a human on a journey, and she was genuinely interested in helping me. She has created a safe and sacred space which has been very helpful to me in my spiritual journey, healing process, creativity, and in the beginning of a new chapter in my life.”

John S., Parker, CO

“Anne is amazing at what she does! She has so many gifts to offer in terms of facilitating self-healing, and is naturally gifted at working with the modality that best fits your needs. She holds a safe space for self-healing and introspection, and is so authentic. Anne truly puts herself out there, which is what makes people feel so comfortable around her. I highly recommend connecting with Anne for coaching, hypnotherapy or workshops (I’ve experienced all 3 with her)! Every time I meet with her, she provides enough guidance to help me find clarity for what I am seeking, but does it in a way that supports me navigating my own path. Her gentle and insightful questions also leave me feeling inspired to make positive changes. She has a natural ability to draw people in and make them feel supported and safe.”
Amy Mazeski, Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Teacher AmyMazeski.com

“I have had an intense phobia of needles since I was very young, and I’ve experienced panic attacks at the Dr.’s office. I sought Anne’s help with this phobia since I am pregnant and had to have a blood draw.

After 4 sessions with Anne, I learned a lot about how to tackle my anxieties and how to self soothe. I am falling asleep much better than I used to, and I love having tools in my arsenal that actually work when I need to calm myself.

And, at my blood draw appointment I did not cry or have a panic attack! It was the best it could have possibly gone, and I feel much more able to go through future appointments.  I am grateful for her help!

Lucy L., Parker, CO

“Anne has guided me in so many areas of my life and she does this with love, compassion, understanding, and knowing that we all are different places in our lives. Whenever I go to a one on one, or a group setting with Anne it is always done in a very warm and comfortable setting she is so welcoming!!!!”

Kim S., Parker, CO

“Anne has a precious gift, borne of personal experience, of understanding the struggles of us spiritual beings living human lives. Her ability to relate to our inner yearning for wholeness of body, mind, and spirit, and walk with us in our “Journeys of Recovery” is priceless. Having struggled for years with mental health issues, I recently began working with her to “Recover,” rather than continued management of symptoms with psychiatric drug therapies. I’m very pleased with the results!”

Gerry T. Himes, Parker CO

“Knowing Anne is truly a gift. She is a skilled, compassionate, and intuitive therapist who always has an open heart and mind. She creates a welcoming and safe environment and I have had many positive changes and insights throughout our time together. I highly recommend her as a psychotherapist.”

Angie Martin, CO

“Anne is a deeply intuitive and also practically grounded coach. Her generosity, sense of humor, gentle spirit and grace is a warming presence that makes you feel at home in the world immediately. She is a massive teacher and energy guide who understands the core of high sensitivity issues and has the power to support, nurture and truly guide them into openings with practical small steps and gentle suggestions ~ all the while getting deeper into parts of the energetic depths of ones self.
What I loved most about her work is her deep and in tuned energetic understanding that she combines with those practical implementations which really really help to create progression and new steps forward! I highly suggest any high sensory being to work with her as their coach and guide!” ~ With love and immense gratitude

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi, Coach

“I have had sessions and classes with Anne for 1 1/2 years now. In the sessions, Anne always creates a safe space filled with love, acceptance, and understanding. This helps me navigate through my blocks to love, accept, and release what no longer serves me. Anne also creates classes that are fun, safe, and informative. Anne has infinite love and strength for her clients. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Anne.”

Dennis Vanin, Colorado

“Recently worked with Anne . She was so kind and did an amazing job. My work with her has been life changing and it was an experience I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. Highly recommend Anne!”

Kayla Major, Aurora, CO

“I was lucky enough to work with Anne for my first experience with Reiki. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to work with the right coach who has strong, resilient, divine energy to assist you in your transformation. Anne is all that and more. She offers strength, grace and transparency in her attunements, which helps one align to their true self. I left my session feeling empowered, renewed, hopeful and joyous about the future. Anne helped me leave the trash from my past in the dumpster where it belongs so I can continue my journey in peace. I look forward to finally making my dreams come true, and I could not have experienced this rebirth without Anne’s help.”

Maggie Owens, South Dakota

“So grateful for your help with smoking cessation! I haven’t had a craving for a cigarette in over 3 months. I thought I’d always be chained to cigarettes and now I’m free. Thank you for being so kind to me and for your expertise. This is one of the biggest victories of my life!”

Shandra B., Highlands Ranch, CO

“Anne is an amazing and gifted counselor, healer, intuitive and light worker. I have had the opportunity to work one on one as well as in group settings with Anne. She shares her own personal journey and experiences, coupling them with teachings from many different teachers and philosophies. Anne’s classes provide very powerful and transformational experiences. I know, I have been on the receiving end of those transformations and have been around many others who have had similar experiences working with Anne. It is a very important time for all of us to be here and to be present. Take the time to explore within. Anne can help.”

Pat Z., Parker, CO

“Her Calming Energy is Palpable…From the moment I heard Anne’s voice on the phone, I felt at ease and took comfort in her caring and inspiring words. Her calming energy was palpable, even over the phone. She took the time, after our 1st consultation, to perfectly customize a script for my smoking cessation hypnotherapy session. I’m certainly looking forward to working with Anne again as I explore myself and create a healthier, more satisfying future. My sincerest gratitude and thanks to Anne!”

Julia Williams, LMT, Littleton, CO YourMassageConnection.com

“Anne is a kind and gentle soul who makes you feel comfortable and secure in her counseling sessions. She is extremely intuitive and radiates an unassailable positive energy that is healing in and of itself. Anne is one person you can tell anything, knowing unequivocally, that you won’t be judged and her carefully considered advice is specific, actionable and effective.”

Scott G., Parker, CO

“My family and I have done several things with Anne. We have done Reiki and it was an amazing experience for me and my husband. We have also done a workshop with her. She is very in tune with her practice. Anne is highly recommended by us. A great person with a great soul!!”

Brandi , Aurora, Co

“Confidence, peace, direction… that is what I received by working with Anne. She gently and intuitively guided me to uncover and transform buried beliefs that were keeping me stuck and from trusting myself. Anne also helped me to get a clear picture of how I want to create my life. Then she supported me to actually take steps to create it. I have more peace now than I do anxiety. The way I experience life is miles apart from how it was when I first began coaching with Anne.”

Larry Coder, Tucson, AZ

“Immediate impact hypnotherapy results! After initial fact-finding and goals discussion, we hit the ground running with a powerful hypnotherapy session. Anne is caring, compassionate and hyper-intuitive. A healing comforter every sense of the word.”

Jim G, Sales Professional, Lone Tree, CO

“Anne is excellent in every way! Her calm, caring voice and nature make her perfect for this type of work (hypnotherapy). I also appreciated her genuine concern and listening skills to get to what I was looking for.”

Barb L., Sales Professional, Englewood, CO

I had such a positive experience with Anne. She is truly a skilled practitioner with a huge heart. I highly recommend her services.

Paulette M., Centennial, CO

Anne is happy, fun, knowledgeable, calming, and knows how to get to the core of you. For smoking, weight loss, or just trying to find the best “you” possible, she is amazing.

Kelly G., Aurora, CO