Spirit Fair

*Aura & Chakra Photos, Holistic Health, Spiritual Art, Energy Work, Psychic Readings, Reflexology, Astrology, Ion Foot Baths & Nutritional Hair Scan, Reiki, Crystal and Stone Malas and Bracelets, Pet Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings. (Paid Services)*

**More practitioners and vendors to come!! Listing will be complete and updated by 2/28/20**

A wide variety of crystals will be for sale at the fair. Small, medium, large. Raw, polished, and some rare. Crystals grid kits and crystals for each chakra will also be available.

Fair prices, great selection. Gift yourself or those you love.

Aura/Chakra Photos with Intuitive Interpretation

(Both Days)

Fair Special, $35 (Cash price, $38 for credit cards)

Anne at SensitiveMentor@gmail.com, Sensitive Mentor Ltd.

Gain inner insight and wisdom about yourself, your energy and how your energy interacts with the world through a biofeedback, computer-generated photo of your aura and chakras plus intuitive interpretation.

Anne Arndt has worked in the healing arts for over 20 years. She is an Intuitive and Guide for those looking to fully awaken and fully express themselves in this lifetime. She offers a safe, non-judgmental space for people to grow, heal and thrive.

Anne has extensive training in the healing arts, the mind, body, spirit connection as well as a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and certfication in Wellness Counseling and Bodymind Consciousness. She offers Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness-based Somatic Therapy, Transformational Coaching and is a Reiki Master/Teacher.

More information, visit AnneArndt.com/about-contact/

Oracle Card or Medical Intuition Readings (Saturday)

1.  Oracle Card Readings – $20 for 20 minutes
2. Medical Intuition Session – $40 for 20 minutes (10 min additional increments available)
Michele at radiantlivinghlc@gmail.com or phone 303-827-9201
Michele has always been on the quest to improve her life and the lives of others. She is a certified Holistic Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, and spiritual counselor who loves assisting others with the help of spirit.

As a Medical Intuitive, Michele is passionate about helping others and guiding them to discover the root of their health issues.  With the help from Ascended Masters and Archangels, she helps to discover what may be causing the physical ailment and works towards healing the issue.  During in-person and remote healing sessions, the individual’s spiritual ‘dream team’ provides accurate and compassionate counsel for spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Intuitive Reading (Both Days)

Fair Offering: 20 minute reading for $40
Mary at: mary@cavucreative.com
In your intuitive reading, we’ll tap into the energy in and around you to get clarity on important areas of your life, from current circumstances to life purpose. I set the intention to pass along insights for your highest good, connecting with both your energy and the spirits that support you. Feel free to bring a topic or question, or I can simply connect and see what comes forward naturally.
Mary is a graduate of James VanPraagh’s mediumship development program and a student of Andy Byng from the Arthur Findlay College. She offers 1:1 intuitive readings, mediumship readings and session packages for progressive, ongoing guidance. Learn more at messageswithmary.com

Holistic Health Coaching, Free Consultations

(Both Days)

Schedule your free 30 minute consult.  Email Kelly at cultivateyoufamilylife@gmail.com

Kelly is a certified Holistic Health Coach working with individuals to educate how food heals, the influences of sugar, hormone triggers, sleep patterns and understanding food cravings.  She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is furthering her education to include Digestive & GI Health.Kelly Sewall is a certified Holistic Health Coach who works with individuals to educate how food heals,

Kelly has a determined passion for guiding grieving (brokenhearted) individuals through the healing process, mind, body and spirit, so that they can feel whole again.  People experience grief in many ways; losing a loved one, loss of a pet, toxic relationships, loss of a job, or many other life circumstances.  Grief can directly impact not only your emotional well-being but your overall health as well.  Being a health coach has helped Kelly to navigate through her own grief and she hopes to share her knowledge to help others do the same.

Kelly offers individual services or group programs and seminars.  You can also connect with Kelly at https://www.facebook.com/cultivateyoufamilylife

Pet Psychic Readings (Both Days)

Spirit Fair Special, 25 Minutes for $50 (Price is 1/2 of usual rate.)

Ashara at HarmonysHeart502@gmail.com

**Your pet doesn’t have to be physically present for the reading**

Ashara Morris is a certified EGCMethod(r) coach and powerful animal communicator. She has been speaking with animals and their caretakers for over 20 years. She knows pets have the best perspective for their human and are here to help us grow and find joy in life. Along with her husband, dog, cats and equine healing herd, she lives and works amongst the pine trees and wildlife near Elizabeth, Colorado.

Worshops, training, and private sessions. Harmony’s Heart LLC
Www.harmonysheartcoaching.com / www.harmonysheartanimals.com

Channeled Intuitive Reading (Sunday)

$65 for 30 minutes

Kathleen Male at kmale13@gmail.com

Kathleen feels most at peace when helping and guiding her clients through their spiritual journey. For her, it is all about connecting or re-connecting her clients with the other parts of themselves so they can move in balance on the physical plane. Her areas of expertise are channeled intuitive readings, Oden Reiki healings, Spiritual protection/house clearing, Past Life Regressions, contacting your spirit guide, Channeling and much more.

In her Channeled Intuitive Readings, Kathleen connects to your guidance, gives you their name and begins chatting with you on various areas of your life. You may ask any questions you have. Toward the end of the session, she shares cards which usually show everything talked about or bring up anything that needs more attention in your life.

Foot Reflexology (Both Days)

$40 for 20 minutes of healing reflexology with American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) approved reflexologist, Jennifer Drombrowksi; Foot Reflexologist, Reiki Master, and Certfied Yoga Instructor

Contact Jennifer: jenp7982@gmail.com

Do you know that the whole body is mapped out on your feet?  This means that working on the feet can facilitate your organs to work the way they are supposed to. The entire body can received  healing benefits through a reflexology treatment.

Reflexology is an ancient art.  It utilizes finger and thumb walking techniques to bring about relaxation; even the slightest pressure can bring healing to the body.  Reflexology can be done on the ears, feet, and hands.   It is not a just foot massage!  Jen have about 320 hours of training specifically on the feet.

Psychic Tarot Reading (Both Days)

$45 for 25 minutes, or $90 for 50 minutes
Chéri can be contacted at cmatia@earthlink.net  or via text (303) 870-1298 
To schedule time on Saturday or Sunday for a personal reading, please provide two different options on time in the event your first choice is already filled. Also state if you prefer a single session (25 minutes) or a double session (50 minutes).
Chéri is a natural psychic empath with decades long experience providing personal readings.  She comes from a long line of psychically gifted family members and discovered early on the ability to assist others through messages she received intuitively. As her abilities expanded, she realized part of her life’s work was being of service to those seeking guidance and clarity. She would like to help shed light upon the path that lies ahead, any current struggles you may be experiencing, and whatever questions you may have.

Chéri is down to earth, personable, and has a heart for supporting and guiding people. She is a Registered Psychotherapist and Mentor in addition to working in the realms of Dream Interpretation, Tarot, Remote Viewing, and Karmic Family Ties.

Vibrational Medicine (Saturday)

Spirit Fair Special: 25 minute Session = $50
Private 1:1 Sessions Include:
  •   Intentional Breathwork  
  •   Guided Meditation & Visualizations
  •   Vibrational Sound Therapy
Phone: 720.443.2523
Free Demonstrations for Breathwork, Singing Bowls and Vibrational Sound Therapy
Crystal Blue is the creator of the Blue Zen Center: Your Sanctuary Within, offering many paths to inner peace and personal freedom. Learn to listen to your Personal Truth – the wisdom of your own body, mind and soul. Her offerings during the Spirit Fair will support the process of balancing the nervous system, relaxing the body and clearing the mind. This helps you respond to your outer world from a state of peace and calm. Breathe… and find your sanctuary within.

Biofield Healing Immersion  (Sunday)

$35 for 30 minute session

For more information and to contact Hollie at hollie@innerinsightshealing.com

Hollie Kikel, Biofield Healing Immersion® Practitioner, Certified DreamBuilder® Coach

Tapping into your Biofield, which holds energy and information about everything that has ever happened to you, Hollie senses for disturbances that shows up in the body, mind, and emotions as dis-ease.  These disturbances are then released so that true healing and living can begin.

It is Hollie’s passion to use her training and natural healing gifts to help her clients ignite their energy and creativity to achieve new heights of success and fulfillment. Visit www.innerinsightshealing.com

Chiropractic Exam & Consult, $20  (Saturday)

*Unlimited Monthly Adjustments, $100*

Contact Alex at Awaken Chiropractic, 720-381-6139

Dr Alex Willad is the owner of Awaken Chiropractic off Parker/Pine. Originally from Michigan, he opened his office is 2017 to help better serve the community of Parker and the surrounding areas. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking, and anything outdoors with his fiance Cindy and their goldendoodle Winston.

At the fair I will be offering a deal of $20 for a consult and exam as well as monthly unlimited adjustments for only $100.
Please let me know if there’s anything else you need from me!


(Both Days) Ion Foot Bath, $25  for 30 minutes
Hair Scan and Optimize Nutrition Report, $75

Free Brain Tap Demo


Christie Edwards, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Bio-Energetic Practitioner and FDB (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) Practitioner.

Christie has earned her Master’s Degree in Natural Medicine and is currently in the research phase of her PhD thesis from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine.  She investigates the root cause of imbalances in the digestive, hormonal, immune and detoxification systems.  Using epi-genetic indicators, she works with her clients to restore balance through nutrition and lifestyle factors.  Christie believes that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself when the proper environment is created and supported.

Honeymoon Boysen, is a Registered Nurse for 34 years who has been working at an Integrative and Functional Medicine Chiropractic Office for 10 years.

She graduated from Pasco/Hernando Community College of Nursing with a nursing degree; Florida State University with a BA in Psychology; and is currently enrolled at Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine (IBEM) and when completed, in 2021, she will become a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine and a Doctor of Sacred Medicine.

Honeymoon is also trained in the following:

  • Feng Shui Consultant
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Master Herbalist
  • Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
  • Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
  • Registered Energy Psychotherapist
  • Certified Biofeedback Practitioner
  • Certified Auriculotherapist
  • Board Member of the Bioenergetic Medicine Association

Handmade Malas & Bracelets by Ky *(Both Days)*

Meditation Teacher, Artist, Spiritual Counselor

Ky Gabriel is dedicated to providing tools and guidance to support your most vibrant life! She will be featuring her incredible selection of gorgeous hand knotted stone and crystal malas at the fair. Kits to make your own malas will also be available! Ky will be available to share about her other offerings, including classes and special event offerings.


Reiki Sessions with Intuitive Insights (Saturday)

$35 for a 30 minute session


Sherrie Cantor has a tremendous compassionate and healing presence. She is passionate about empowering people to own their own health and vitality by creating balance of mind, body and spirit. Her sessions are insightful, peaceful and professional. Sherrie is a natural intuitive and Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Medical Reiki Master.

Medium (Psychic) Readings (Both Days)

20 minutes for $40 at Spirit Fair. (Cash or Check Only)

MaryK@SacredPathConversations.com Learn more at SacredPathConversations.com

Mary Karuzas is a retired first grade teacher. She started doing energy work (chakra clearing, and reading energy) 12 years ago. This opened the door into mediumship. She also has people on both sides of her family with mediumship ability. She has studied with James Van Praagh and completed all levels of his training, including mastery class. She is a gifted medium and offers the gift of connecting people with their loved ones on the other side.

Spirit Fair is so grateful to have Artist, Catherine McClellan and her spirit and natured inspired work at the fair!

Catherine spent much of her childhood on a horse farm where she developed a deep respect for animals and a love of nature. After exploring much of the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and Canada, Catherine was inspired by the wildlife she encountered and began painting in 2013. She painted for personal enjoyment, but soon after admirers took notice of her work and began collecting and requesting her works on consignment.

Catherine’s paintings portray wildlife in its most energetic form with a spiritual awareness that can be seen through the eyes of her subjects and the vivid use of color.

“In Buddhism there’s a ritual called Nyubu; it means ‘go to the mountain’. The mountain is a clear channel for Spirit; it brings clarity, healing, renewal and connection to God. Through this spiritual practice, I’m able to connect to the healing energy of the mountain and the wildlife that roam there,” Catherine explains. Using bold colors and her unique brushstroke, her artwork captures the wildness and spiritual energy of each magnificent creature she meets on the mountain, and the divine wisdom conveyed through their eyes.

Catherine is a lightworker and a channel for Spirit. It was her own journey up life’s mountain that illuminated her soul’s purpose as an artist, healer and teacher. An old-soul empath, she channels divinely guided messages intended to light the path toward growth and healing.

Psychic Readings, (Both Days)

$35 for 20 minutes or $60 for 40 minutes

lisa.ford8883@gmail.com or text to 303-570-8654

Lisa Ford, is a psychic medium and Reiki Master. She has been reading clients part-time for over thirty-five years and working with energy for the last five. To read for clients, she uses Psychometry, which is the process of holding an object that belongs to someone (keys, bracelets, watches) to access the energy and tap into the records of the past, present, and potential future outcomes. Essentially she reads the energy of the client. Additionally, she is a metaphysical writer and is in the midst of publishing her first novel A PATH TO CLAIRE on Amazon. She has lived in Parker for thirty years and spends part of her time in Scottsdale with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier, Trixie.