Spirit Fair

Mini Spirit Fair, Nov 4th, 2018  10am-4pm

~FREE ENTRY~ *No ticket required*

**Crystals, Malas, Psychic Readings, Reiki, Astrology, Aura Photos**

Center for Transformation

19563 East Mainstreet #203, Parker, CO 80138

**Doors to enter the building are 25 East of Fika Coffee**

Aura/Chakra Photos. 

Gain inner insight and wisdom about yourself, your energy and how your energy interacts with the world through a biofeedback, computer-generated photo of your aura and chakras plus intuitive interpretation. Plus, pick a loose crystal or chakra stone bracelet.

$39 RESERVE by contacting Anne here  or at 303-514-0516 or SensitiveMentor@gmail.com

Anne Arndt is an Intuitive, Transformational Coach. She offers Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness-based Somatic Therapy, and is a Reiki Master/Teacher.

For over 15 years, she has been supporting and guiding people as they step out of the shadows into the light of who they are and who they came here to be. Anne believes everyone is inherently whole and never broken, although life can make us feel differently. She offers a safe, non-judgmental space for people to grow, heal and thrive.

Reiki Sessions

Prices are discounted for the Fair. $25 for a 20 minute session and $55 for a 50 minute session. Sign-ups will be in 30 minute increments on the hour and half hour.

RESERVE by: Contacting Amy at amazeski@gmail.com to inquire about availability and to secure a spot (pre-payment is required).

Amy Mazeski is passionate about empowering people to own their own health and vitality by creating balance in the body. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Medical Reiki Master, a Registered Karuna Reiki ® Master, Certified Emotion Code ™ Practitioner, and Certified Yoga Instructor. She loves helping people feel whole again, because at our core being, we are all perfect, healthy and whole. Her philosophy is that All healing is self-healing, and we ALL have the ability to harness and use our own energy to create the shifts needed for optimal health.

Medium (Psychic) Readings

30 minutes for $30 at Spirit Fair.

RESERVE by: Emailing MaryK@SacredPathConversations.com Learn more at SacredPathConversations.com

Mary Karuzas is a retired first grade teacher. She started doing energy work (chakra clearing, and reading energy) 12 years ago. This opened the door into mediumship. She also has people on both sides of her family with mediumship ability. She has studied with James Van Praagh and has passed his mediumship mastery class.

Vedic Astrology Readings

20 Minutes for $40

Raquel J. Alexander combines her Masters in Counseling & Guidance, a background in teaching and management, over 30 years of successfully working with various personalities, her commitment to her spiritual practice, and her mission to help people. She can guide you to greater awareness regarding your life path.

Gain clarity, peace, and understanding through a Vedic Astrology reading.

RESERVE: Raquel Alexander at 303-887-2886 or Raquel@omservices.us Raquel will send you a form to fill out. You will need to include the accurate date, time and place of your birth. Raquel will print out a copy of your chart and go over your karmic path with you during the Spirit Fair.

Psychic Reading 

$25 for 20 min or $35 for 30 min

RESERVE: Mary McDonald at MaryCMcd@yahoo.com

Mary graduated from the Inner Connection Institute and has been doing clairvoyant reading and healings for 18 years.  Everything is energy.  Having a clairvoyant reading/healing, a soul to soul connection, can illuminate a person’s life, revealing any blocks or programs, that can be released and a profound healing can occur, bringing forth one’s own divinity.

Scientific Hand Analysis

$25 for 20 minute reading

RESERVE: Vickie at AttuneAnalysis@gmail.com

Hand Analysis is an empirical, reliable, innovative system used to decode, analyze and blend markings in the hands to discover and/or understand one’s characteristics, skills, traits, preferences, gifts and challenges, finances, relationships and vocations that may impact and/or effect your life’s joy, fulfillment and success.

Vickie is enthusiastically dedicated to guiding and supporting people on their journey to wholeness.
Vickie trained at the American Academy of Hand Analysis. She has certification and proficiency at Level l, Intensive, Level ll, Level lll (2 years) and Level lV.

Glenn Weisell, Spiritual & Visionary Story Teller.

Influenced by his environment & inspired by living on Harmony’s Heart Farm with his wife and family of horses, cats and dogs, Glenn’s passion for photography began when he was a boy living in Brooklyn, NY. Today, he continues to evolve as an artist photographing nature, old homesteads and farms. He credits photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edouard Boubat, Ansel Adams, and Art Wolfe for the beautiful images they created and they are some of his inspiration.

Glenn’s gift is to feel into the precise moment when all elements of life come together to create art that offers a reflection of the limitless nature of ourselves in The Universe. This has led to his latest body of work: The Soul Essence Collection, offering a glimpse into the inner joy as Spirit on a human journey.

A Fine Selection of Crystals, Malas, Bracelets, Art and More…

Special Showing and Sale at the Fair, Sacred Mandala Art