Empaths. The Magic & Art of Human Connection

Coming February 2020, Centennial, CO

In this highly experiential, soul-nutrient dense offering, connect with the aliveness and authenticity that is you. Gift yourself a soul-nourishing and heart-opening day with fellow empaths. It’s deeply healing for us to be with others who are wired as we are and this is a rich opportunity to do so.

If you desire to open a little further to the richness that is you, then this day may be calling you. If human connection is something you desire more of, yet are sometimes afraid to open to, this day might be for you. Allowing ourselves to connect deeply is a key ingredient in fully expressing ourselves in this life. This class will connect us with the most beautiful aspects of humanity within ourselves and others.

“We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

In mindful connection, we will explore our own authenticity and each other’s. We’ll respectfully and curiously explore our limits and edges while opening to greater possibility and experience.

Day includes authentic relating exercises, accompanied by heart-opening music, soulful reflection and mind-expanding connections. Space is limited. RSVP and submit payment below to guarantee your spot.


Authentic Connection~Empathy~Soul Nourishment

Ongoing, For Dates Check: Highly Sensitive & Empath Meetup

Center for Transformation, 19563 East Mainstreet #203, Parker, CO 80138

Develop and hone empathy while experiencing soul satisfying, meaningful connection with others. Space and time to connect with yourself and others through exercises, depth psychology insights and mindfulness.

Connection and empathy are catalysts for authentic, embodied living and present moment experience which help us thrive as individuals who are part of a whole. Everyone is welcome just as they are.

What we’ll do: Get into connection with ourselves through short guided meditation. We’ll engage in exercises and explorations around topics such as present moment experience, compassion, sensing through body and mind, authenticity, connecting with curiosity, being grounded in the body, connecting through soul, and more.

As humans, we require deep connection with ourselves and others in order to thrive. And the scientific evidence is in—depression, addiction, and many struggles are often symptoms of a deep need simply not being met. That need is connection.

RSVP below with Paypal or contact Anne here to pay another way.

$25/person. Space limited to 11 people. 


More classes below and also at:

Soulful Parker & Aurora Personal & Spiritual Development 

or Highly Sensitive & Empath Meetup

Classes and workshops to support you in your personal and/or spiritual growth. Empowering you to step into the person you came here, developing and strengthening your intuition, owning your super powers as a highly sensitive person and more.

Develop & Strengthen Your Intuition, Ongoing Classes

Nov 15th, Dec 13 2019 are next scheduled classes

Connect with like-minded people and Spirit within! Are you empathic, clairvoyant, or have other intuitive abilities? Everyone is intuitive at some level but most of us shut this part of ourselves down when we are young because our society at large is not open to and does have an understanding  of our intuitive nature.

**These classes are typically offered twice monthly. Visit my Meetup group to see when the next class is being offered: Parker Personal & Spiritual Development. 

NOTE: This class often fills up so prepayment is required to secure your spot. Prepay below via Paypal. Cancel within 48 hrs via Meetup and you will receive a refund.

This group is a place to practice, strengthen, and develop your intuitive abilities in a safe and comfortable environment. This is a place for beginners as well as those who have been practicing and developing their abilities for a long time.

We will introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about intuition in general. We’ll move into a guided meditation to center, ground, and provide safety and protection for the group. We will practice as a group and engage in different exercises. Anne has facilitated the development and opening to intuitive abilities throughout the years and people are always delighted and surprised at how connected they already are to their intuition!!

Practice is what allows you to strengthen your skills and tune into new ones as well! Intuition can act as your navigation system in your life when it is developed. A side effect of understanding and using your intuition is your self-worth, self-trust, and how you feel about yourself in general tend to increase significantly because you are listening to yourself and you can trust your own inner voice.

Develop & Strengthen Your Intuition

Beginner/Intermediate 6 Week Series

Starts Jan 27, 2020

For Beginner to Intermediate, 6 Week Series, Diving Deeper into Psychic and Intuitive Development. Everyone has intuitive and psychic development on some level and can strengthen these innate abilities with practice and guidance.

We’ll hone our gifts as we learn to walk between the world of spirit and the three dimensional world of humans. We’ll develop and refine our psychic abilities as we build confidence in trusting ourselves and the whispers of our soul as they guide us on our path.
Topics include: Learning to protect and not take on other’s energy, reading chakras, reading energy, reading emotions, connecting with spirit guides and angels, mediumship (connecting with loved ones who have passed), clairtangency, and more. One evening, special guest, Mary Kurazas will share her story of becoming a professional medium and teaches us to connect beyond the veil. 

Class schedule: 6:30-8:45pm Monday nights. Jan 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, 26 and March 2. If a class is cancelled due to weather, we will make it up on March 9 or 16 if two dates are needed.) Class size is limited.
 Investment is $179 for 6 week series.


Soul Talk Circle, 6 Week Series

Next Series Starts March, 2020

Personal and Spiritual growth in a safe, supportive space with your tribe.

Deepen your experience of life and expand your consciousness with this 6 week experience. Connect with and express yourself from your own soul & authentic self.

“So glad I did this! I’ve grown an incredible amount through this group. Everyone was so kind and supportive. Such encouragement along my path when I needed it most. ” -Soul Talk Participant, 2018

Soul Talk Circle is about communicating from your heart & soul in a supportive, accepting and caring environment. Soul Talk Circle is an organic process that yields deep connection with True Self in a way that is transformative and revitalizing.

**Mondays, 6:30pm-8:45pm. Center For Transformation at 19563 East Mainstreet, Suite 203, Parker, 80138 (Max 8 people)

Investment: $179 for 6 weeks series. Venmo at Anne-MoutrayArndt OR
Paypal below. Questions: Anne at
*Must cancel 2 weeks prior to start of class for refund.