Smoking Cessation Hypnosis, FREE Yourself! 

June 7th at 6:30pm-8:30pm

Center for Transformation, 19563 East Mainstreet, Ste 203, Parker, CO

Take back your energy, vitality, health, pride, money and so much more from cigarettes with the power of hypnosis.

This special group event will provide motivation to quit, prepare you for smoking cessation hypnosis, answer your questions and save you $80 on the smoking cessation hypnosis process.

Facilitated by Anne Arndt, former smoker and hypnotherapist of 20 years. She has helped hundreds of people free themselves of the chains of smoking addiction, other addictions, phobias, limiting beliefs and much more

This event is $85 and your one on one in office hypnosis session with Anne that will be scheduled at this event is $95. (Regularly $110 for this prep session and $150 for the one on one hypnosis.)

Buy Your Ticket below via Paypal: 

More classes to CONNECT, GROW & THRIVE below

*For a complete list of class offerings*, visit Soulful Parker & Aurora Personal & Spiritual Development 

or Highly Sensitive & Empath Meetup

Classes and workshops to support you in your personal and/or spiritual growth. Empowering you to step into the person you came here, developing and strengthening your intuition, owning your super powers as a highly sensitive person and more.


A Soulful Rocky Mountain Retreat

Drawing on Ancient Wisdom, Nature’s Rhythms, and Practical Tools, journey back home inside yourself where clarity and wisdom live.

An experiential and empowering weekend to restore and revitalize mind, body and spirit.

Gain clarity for the road ahead in your life, business, career or passionate pursuits. Clear your inner slate with fresh insights and tools, while releasing what no longer serves. 

Friday-Check in begins at 3 pm. Settle in. Take in the beauty and healing power of the Rocky Mountains.

5pm-6:15 Dinner. 6:30-8:30 Connecting the Group. Introduction to the Weekend.

Saturday-Morning mindfulness, connecting to nature’s rhythms, teaching and experiential tools. Evening—fire ceremony.

Sunday-Connecting with your essence. Closing ceremony. Complete at 11:30am.  

Rates include lodging, activities and meals. (Dinner Friday night through breakfast Sunday) Rates do not include travel to and from the retreat center or optional massage appointment.

Early Bird Pricing through April 1st, 2019: 

$495 Shared room w/1 person (both people have their own beds)

$595 Private room

Register: Contact Anne directly to register. Email Anne: or contact form here

$200 deposit by April 1st reserves your spot and guarantees early bird pricing. 

Develop & Strengthen Your Intuition, Ongoing Classes

Connect with like-minded people and Spirit within! Are you empathic, clairvoyant, or have other intuitive abilities? Everyone is intuitive at some level but most of us shut this part of ourselves down when we are young because our society at large is not open to and does have an understanding  of our intuitive nature.

**These classes are typically offered twice monthly. Visit my Meetup group to see when the next class is being offered: Parker Personal & Spiritual Development. 

NOTE: This class often fills up so prepayment is required to secure your spot. Prepay below via Paypal. Cancel within 48 hrs via Meetup and you will receive a refund.

This group is a place to practice, strengthen, and develop your intuitive abilities in a safe and comfortable environment. This is a place for beginners as well as those who have been practicing and developing their abilities for a long time.

We will introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about intuition in general. We’ll move into a guided meditation to center, ground, and provide safety and protection for the group. We will practice as a group and engage in different exercises. Anne has facilitated the development and opening to intuitive abilities throughout the years and people are always delighted and surprised at how connected they already are to their intuition!!

Practice is what allows you to strengthen your skills and tune into new ones as well! Intuition can act as your navigation system in your life when it is developed. A side effect of understanding and using your intuition is your self-worth, self-trust, and how you feel about yourself in general tend to increase significantly because you are listening to yourself and you can trust your own inner voice.

Soul Talk Circle, 6 Week Series Starts Sept 2019

Personal and Spiritual growth in a safe, supportive space with your tribe. Highly Sensitives and Empaths are wired differently than the majority of people in the world. Connecting with those who are wired the same way and who ‘get us’ is essential for us to thrive in the world.

This class is especially designed for our unique gifts, perception of the world, and challenges. Facilitated by Anne Arndt, M.A. Coach & Therapist who specializes in working with Highly Sensitives & Empaths.

Deepen your experience of life and expand your consciousness with this 6 week experience. Connect with and express yourself from your own soul & authentic self.

“So glad I did this! I’ve grown an incredible amount through this group. Everyone was so kind and supportive. Such encouragement along my path when I needed it most. ” -Soul Talk Participant, 2018

**Monday nights, 6:30-8:45pm at Center For Transformation in Parker. 19563 East Mainstreet, Suite 203, Parker, 80138 (Max 8 people)

Investment: $179 for 6 weeks series. Venmo at Anne-MoutrayArndt OR
Paypal below. Questions: Anne at
*Must cancel 2 weeks prior to start of class for refund.



Souls Anonymous, Mindfulness and Connection, Ongoing Classes

A simple yet potentially profound way of connecting and experiencing.

**These classes are typically offered twice monthly. Visit my Meetup group to see when the next class is being offered: Parker Personal & Spiritual Development. 

Connections is a catalyst for authentic, embodied living and present moment experience which helps us thrive as individuals who are part of a whole. Connect with yourself and others in this offering while opening to a deeper experience of life. Souls Anonymous is a place where you are welcome just as you are and it’s also a place to grow through Mindfulness.

**What we’ll do: Get into connection with ourselves through short guided meditation. Then we’ll talk about the theme for the night and engage in exercises and learnings around topics such as present moment experience, compassion, sensing through body and mind, authenticity, connecting with curiosity, being grounded in the body, connecting through soul, and opening into unknown.

*This is a nurturing environment where you can come as you are. Shy, Introverted (me!), Highly Sensitive (me!), Gregarious, Charismatic, Quiet, Boisterous, Somewhere in the Middle. There is a place for you within the group. (RSVP Instructions at very bottom. This class will be held once or twice a month and each class stands on its own-meaning you can attend at any time. No previous experience required.)

Whether you’re inclined to tippy toe in, dip your foot in the pool, jump in full force, or just observe and take it all in for a while, you are welcome. *Connection with ourselves and others is something we need to thrive as humans. And the scientific evidence is in—depression, addiction, and many other struggles are often symptoms of a deep need simply not being met. That need is connection.

*Personally, I used to be scared of connecting with people I didn’t know. Actually, I was terrified. After years of practicing and learning how to connect with myself and others, this is most rewarding part of my life and I’m happier and healthier in every corner of my being. I’m far from perfect at connecting. I still get cold feet and sometimes I want to run the other way when I find myself in a new group. I persist though. I stick it out past the fears because I know my life is rich because of the deep connections I allow myself.

RSVP: Prepayment is required to secure your spot. Must cancel within 48 hrs to receive a refund. Prepay via Paypal by sending $22 to Anne at (choose options ‘send money’ on Paypal and then you can enter email address.)