Intuition Series

Everyone has intuitive and psychic abilities on some level. We can strengthen these innate abilities with practice and guidance. During this series, we’ll develop and refine our abilities as we build confidence in trusting ourselves and the whispers of our soul as they guide us on our path.

Topics include: Learning to protect and not take on other’s energy, reading chakras, reading energy, reading emotions, connecting with spirit guides and angels, mediumship (connecting with loved ones who have passed) and more.
One evening, we will have special guest, Mary Kurazas on hand as she shares her story of becoming a professional medium and teaches us to connect beyond the veil. We’ll engage in assignments in between classes as we hone our skills, becoming clearer channels for spirit’s messages.

When: Thursdays, 6:30pm-9pm starting March 28th

Where: Center For Transformation, 19563 East Mainstreet, Ste 203, Parker, CO 80138

Investment: $179, Questions: Anne at

Register: Below via Paypal


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